About Us

We are the number 1 best sex doll provider in the UK. We ship our sex dolls Throughout the UK and Europe. Our dolls are manufactured to the highest quality and we are constantly looking for ways to make your doll even more lifelike and offer a full companion experience to you.

Our factory in Germany produces over 3000 dolls per month. With proficient German engineering our dolls guarantee to offer you the most life like experience possible.

Every customer that has purchased from UKSEXDOLLS comments on the lifelike skin on our dolls. This is our difference. We believe the quality in the skin type will give you an even more pleasurable companion. The TPE Silicone is of the highest standard and quality, this offers greater feelings and sensations when handling the doll. Also when on display, the dolls characteristics will flourish as her features are brought to life with the lifelike TPE skin we use.